queen bee waxing

Recently, Jodi Shays, the fantastic purveyor of Queen Bee Waxing, home of all things British and luxurious, asked me to do some interior and exterior shots her salon/spa. These images were shot digitally due to the style requested and the tight deadline. I shot several rooms as well as someone being spray-tanned (well, someone right AFTER spray-tanning–gotta protect those lenses!).

Some of the images have been sent off to Allure magazine for use in the Queen Bee listing in their Salon and Spa directory . Can’t wait to see if they’re going to use them! What a fun and wild opportunity and what a lovely bunch of gals to work with. I’m looking forward to photographing the Queen Bee herself with the Hassy!

About me

My goal as a photographer is to capture the essence of my subjects and to go beyond the pose and the subterfuge of “perfection.” When I photograph people, I find it’s the relationship between photographer and subject that ultimately makes the image. Without a connection, I feel the image becomes flat. When I bring  a concept into reality, it is about making the components congeal so they become a form of communication.

I still shoot film (though I do use a digital when the occasion calls for it); I prefer the heavy shutter of my Hasselblad or the romanticism of the 4×5 (when I can get my hands on one!). I like my colors saturated and my blacks dark; I use films that will take me there without the use of digital alteration. bottom line: I’ll take the scent of freshly developed film over the silent hum of the computer any day.


It’s time to finally have a web presence other than my site, so here we go. Sarit Photography is stepping out into the world of commercial photography with a fine-art eye. What is that, you say? Let me explain. I shoot a Hasselblad 503CXi, and frankly, never fell out of love with the kaboom of the shutter or the scent of the film after processing. In order to enter into this digital world, however, Lucy, my dear Hassy, has been napping more than playing. This past January, Rich Sandomeno from Spragwerks presented me with the opportunity of a lifetime and asked me to shoot his wares…with film, no less! So, I did, and it was a lovely marriage between old and new: there was processing and contact sheets,  then there was scanning and digital play. It blended the two worlds nicely and showed me I could retain the depth of film with the alacrity of digital. Some of these images can be found at Spragwerks and one will appear as part of a full-page ad in the upcoming issue of Revolver Magazine. Nice way to start the year, if I don’t say so myself!