It’s time to finally have a web presence other than my site, so here we go. Sarit Photography is stepping out into the world of commercial photography with a fine-art eye. What is that, you say? Let me explain. I shoot a Hasselblad 503CXi, and frankly, never fell out of love with the kaboom of the shutter or the scent of the film after processing. In order to enter into this digital world, however, Lucy, my dear Hassy, has been napping more than playing. This past January, Rich Sandomeno from Spragwerks presented me with the opportunity of a lifetime and asked me to shoot his wares…with film, no less! So, I did, and it was a lovely marriage between old and new: there was processing and contact sheets,  then there was scanning and digital play. It blended the two worlds nicely and showed me I could retain the depth of film with the alacrity of digital. Some of these images can be found at Spragwerks and one will appear as part of a full-page ad in the upcoming issue of Revolver Magazine. Nice way to start the year, if I don’t say so myself!

One thought on “hello!

  1. I miss my old Nikon film camera. But for those of us still wandering around in snapshot land a small digital point and shoot really makes the whole experience affordable. Thank goodness we have people like Sarit to bring that creative touch to something that can focus (pun intended) on the perfect and miss the depth of the moment. Tio

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