queen bee waxing

Recently, Jodi Shays, the fantastic purveyor of Queen Bee Waxing, home of all things British and luxurious, asked me to do some interior and exterior shots her salon/spa. These images were shot digitally due to the style requested and the tight deadline. I shot several rooms as well as someone being spray-tanned (well, someone right AFTER spray-tanning–gotta protect those lenses!).

Some of the images have been sent off to Allure magazine for use in the Queen Bee listing in their Salon and Spa directory . Can’t wait to see if they’re going to use them! What a fun and wild opportunity and what a lovely bunch of gals to work with. I’m looking forward to photographing the Queen Bee herself with the Hassy!


4 thoughts on “queen bee waxing

  1. Your ability to put this shoot together so quickly and successfully speaks to the level of your professionalism and skill. As with the Spragwerks shoot, your technical skills produced a high number of usable images, allowing the client a broad choice of materials. Potential clients should have great confidence in your ability to produce a selection high quality images on time, and on budget.

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