Now That’s One Sexy Librarian!

It’s been a slow road, trying to get things off the ground. Life keeps happening, things come up, and sadly, my dreams sometimes get set aside. I don’t want to call it a “new year’s resolution” because in my experience, that’s just a set up for me. Instead, I will share with you my intentions for this coming year in relation to my art. In January, things are supposed to kick off in terms of Lucy B and our pinup packages. In the meantime, my work is up on the site and I’m stinkin’ pleased as punch!¬† I recently started a tumblr account as a social media experiment in the world of photoblogging. It’s been interesting, and like this blog, I haven’t been able to dedicate a solid amount of time to it. I am working on updating my website, and as of now, there are slight changes, but no new work just yet. That is soon coming, I promise.

With the Bridget Blonde shoot edited and up for the world to see, I went on to my next pinup concept, which was to photograph a “sexy librarian.” Oh, my, did we have fun! We reconnoitered the house, using my various 50s collectibles (I knew I was collecting this stuff for SOMETHING!) to create two desk scenes, a file-cabinet scenario, and a bookshelf background. I photographed my friend Nichole, who was absolutely perfect in every way. She had nary a pretentious, diva-esque bone in her body. She wasn’t fake, processed, plumped, or suctioned: she was a 100% real, gorgeous, bad-ass woman. It was a pleasure and an honor to photograph her. This shoot inspired me on many levels. So, without further ado, here’s a teaser. I hope y’all think it’s as awesome as I do!

With Love and Shutter Clicks,