Fun at Jon’s market

I had the fun opportunity to do some promo shots for Melanie Reno and her upcoming Female Storytelling show called “That Time of the Month.” We wanted to do something in the style of pinup but with some added irony and humor, so we dolled her up with full pinup makeup and a flower in her hair, but left her in comfy clothes because, well, she was shopping for tampons and meat, of course! Us ladies know how hard it is to get dressed up in some constrictive getup when we have cramps! It was a fun way to talk about the forbidden (why a woman’s period is under the verboten umbrella, I’ll never know), bring it into the light and add some humor.

Her show will be at The Talking Stick in Venice, CA on 4/17 at 5:00 pm. It’s a monthly extravaganza of female storytellers, some serious, some funny.

Hope to see you there, it’s sure to be a blast!

With love and shutter clicks,

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