Take That, Fitness World!

That’s what my lovely model said, anyway!

Mishel is an incredible force of nature, embodying true beauty and strength. I absolutely adore her determination: deciding to be a fitness/figure model and going for it…in her 40s! Now, after years of pushing herself in a world of dieting and body-image madness, she came looking for a feminine, empowering pinup experience. I feel fortunate that I was able to provide her with such an experience. Nothing like a bunch of strong women working together to gain freedom from objectification and embracing femininity their way.

Here’s a sneak preview. As you can see, we encapsulated a broad spectrum of mood, going from light to dark. Truth is, women are multi-faceted. So, why not celebrate it all!?

(MUAH: Missy Lowe , Lingerie: Lucy B)

With love and shutter clicks,


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