“Oh, the Times, They Are A-Changing!”

Lovely friends and fans:

There are couple things going on. First, thank you to everyone who’s “liked” my Fan Page. Of course, If you haven’t yet, please give it a look and a “like” if you’re inclined. You can also follow me on Twitter. 🙂

Second, I’ve been talking and talking about my body image project for some time. It’s time to get that rolling. I will be putting together my set and then contacting those who have volunteered to be a part of this so I can start shooting. I intend to fire up my lights come June. Maybe sooner if I play my cards right. If you aren’t aware of this project, it is my effort to bring attention to the limited views we have on beauty. I intend to do so by bringing attention to the varied and wonderful sides of women who are simply tired of having to face the unattainable requirements of the beauty industry. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please Email Me. with “body image project” in the subject line.

Ironically, the next piece of info is regarding my pinup stuff (note, I retain my body-image advocacy here as well!).  If anyone is desirous of modeling pinup and would like to purchase a shoot, please Email Me with your ideas and questions. I will be posting package information soon. Keep your eyes peeled.  Note, packages will no longer be offered through Lucy B.

Your pinup options are limitless, whether you’re interested in simple backdrops or a location shoot, I’m game. I will work with you directly to ensure you have an amazing experience whilst getting fancied up pinup style! To add to the fabulousness, Missy Lowe will be doing her magic with makeup and hair.

There are wonderful things in store and I look forward to playing in the light!

With love and shutter clicks,