Creative Swirls

It occurred to me that I should probably write more often. I mean, what’s the point of a blog if I don’t use it, right? My goal: to put forth a blog a week, small, medium, or large.

These days, I have great intentions in terms of what I want to shoot but little time to do it. Life is clearly in session. I have stacks of magazines waiting to be torn apart for my body image project, a couple shoots lined up, and a new LiveBooks Scaler site to rebuild. As I do that, I’m also planning on scanning the myriad negatives I have sitting around so I can add more meaningful work to my site.

I’ve recently added Google+ to my social media madness, but I haven’t really used it to its full potential. Facebook, Twitter, etc., still seem to be the primary places to post new content, et al. Still, Google+ is quite an interesting social media forum, and more than anything, it strikes me as less shallow and more meaningful in content than Facebook. In fact, I’ve was added to this amazing list of photographers to “circle” on Google+. It’s both and honor and exhilarating, to say the least, particularly since I suck at self-promotion. Fortunately, those close to me continue to push me to self-promote, promote me themselves, and encourage me to keep going, regardless of economical denigration and creative congestion.

I continue to write recovery blogs for Visions, which feeds my need to be of service and helpful in the community, particularly to adolescents in turmoil and their parents who are trying to help them. Ah, youth. I’ve also begun contributing to FeministFatale when my activism nerve has an itch. Really, there’s never a day where I’m not in some creative space, though I do wish more of it was behind the lens. I’m ardently working to make this happen.

Recent shoots include a jazz clinic and benefit for the documentary But Can She Play, which truly warmed the cockles of my heart. It combines all that I love: women in the arts and Jazz. Pics to be posted soon.

With love and shutter clicks,


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