Branding: It’s About Time!

I have to finally share my excitement and deepest gratitude: I have finally branded myself and it really wouldn’t have happened without the graphic design genius of Drew Fansler. He not only understood what I wanted, he made it even better than I could have hoped for. In case you don’t know who he is, he is also the one who designed the covers for 21st Century Yoga and Yoga PhD.

So, do I think a photographer actually needs a brand? I used to think it didn’t really matter, but the way I worked seemed to defy my own commentary. I always made sure things had a sense of similarity and feeling. In a lot of ways, it makes my life easier to have a good brand replete with a ¬†well-designed logo. Now Sarit Photography has a through line, and that’s ideal.

I’m in love with this logo: it’s strong, feminine and edgy, kind of like me. My description for Drew when he asked me what I wanted was loosely this: “Think, red lipstick and steel toe boots.” Drew nailed it.