Treats from Monterey!

This should ahve been posted a month ago, but you know, life happens.Needless to say, the Monterey Jazz Festival was a blast. Hanging out with Janice Littlejohn of …but can she play? was inspiring, creative, and full of adventure.

So, to best share what happened at Monterey Jazz Festival shall be told in in photographs. THere are many more, this is just a sampling. To see more of what I photographed, they are on my website and on my flickr stream.

First there was Roberto Fonseca, who literally blew my mind. I don’t think I have ever been brought to tears from shooting an image.


Then there was the Berklee Global Jazz Ensemble featuring Joe Lovano.


Carmen Lundy was out of this world!!!! WOW



The opportunity to photograph Buena Vista Social Club arose, and well, this happened. Let me tell you, dancing and shooting is a difficult feat, so I danced on the inside.














The mission here was to highlight women horn players in jazz. They are not always in the fore, but I swear, Janice can find them anywhere.  We were waitiing to photograph Claire Daly (our main reason for traveling to Monterey) and Janice discovered Hanne playing with this incredible high-school jazz ensemble. She inspired color.

















Claire Daly is simply divine. For one thing, she blows a baritone sax. If you’ve never heard this instrument, you need to. Now. Her CD is a dedication the none other than Thelonious Monk; it’s called Baritone Monk. Just…wow. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Monk Institute to further jazz education!!!














And Janice, well, the woman does it all. She is a magnificent, prolific journalist, professor, documentarian, and oh, let’s just add videographer to the mix. She’s a badass to the nth degree.


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