Shoot Every Day? Yes. Blog Every Day? Erm, No.

Not for lack of trying, either. I am continuing my 365 Project without a hitch, or not much of one. The trouble is, despite shooting every day, I don’t always upload every day. I have a lot happening. I have recently written two pieces for Elephant Journal, finally inspired to write my own stuff. I am still writing non-stop for Visions. And I am teaching yoga to tweens and teens 2x a week. I am busy and inspired beyond words but that also means I am chronically behind. I either need a clone or to give myself a break and allow myself to be behind. Stress over creating art is ridiculous, really. So, here’s a couple weeks worth of images to peruse. If  you are so inspired, check out my page at the 365Project! I think I left off around Day 35 and we are now at Day 64. Yeah. Special, I know. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy.

Love and shutter clicks,


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