Who Forgets They Have a Blog?

Yep, that would be me. Fortunately, I haven’t forgotten to create a wider body of work. Phew.

Some of my latest work has been in the city of Echo Park for One Down Dog. We always shoot fun stuff, and this was no different. We got in trouble for using biodegradable confetti (yes, I know), reminded that it’s always sunny in Los Angeles (except when it’s not), and experienced running from location to location, kind of like a yogi scavenger hunt. Hey….


Megan Feinberg and Bobbi Erwin — One Down Dog


Molly O’Neill – One Down Dog


Caitlin – One Down Dog

Yoga International is currently sharing Series Three of the This is #whatayogilookslike series from Yoga and Body Image Coalition. We have shot through series 6. Let me tell you, sitting on these images is killing me. I feel like I’ve been planning a surprise party for the last year. Series One and Two are off the hook though; I have never been more proud of a body of work.


YBIC Series 1


YBIC Series 2

Hopefully you’ll see more of me in the wild world of blogging. Why not, eh?


To book, email: hello@saritphotography.com


Love and shutter clicks,


Days 23, 24 and 25 of my 365 Project

Worn thin from 36 hours of migraine, I felt rather…tepid:

Tepid on 365 Project

Amidst a legit shoot, i captured a moment of true bliss:

Bliss on 365 Project

And today, I was moved to photograph the lone dandelion. Not because it was a dandelion, but because the light touched it in such a way that I couldn’t help myself.

Make a Wish on 365 Project

Day 15: Brace Yourself

All right, i think I may start lumping these blogs into a few a week instead of every day, lest I drive y’all nuts. Plus, I may want to write something non-365 related. What a concept, eh? However, let’s keep it in the theme for the moment. Ready?

Brace Yourself:

Brace Yourself on 365 Project

No, really, that’s the title. My boy got braces today and in order to keep my “annoying” status in perpetuity, i photographed it and posted it for the world to see. In my defense, he did ask me to document this rite of passage.

Love and shutter clicks,


Treats from Monterey!

This should ahve been posted a month ago, but you know, life happens.Needless to say, the Monterey Jazz Festival was a blast. Hanging out with Janice Littlejohn of …but can she play? was inspiring, creative, and full of adventure.

So, to best share what happened at Monterey Jazz Festival shall be told in in photographs. THere are many more, this is just a sampling. To see more of what I photographed, they are on my website and on my flickr stream.

First there was Roberto Fonseca, who literally blew my mind. I don’t think I have ever been brought to tears from shooting an image.


Then there was the Berklee Global Jazz Ensemble featuring Joe Lovano.


Carmen Lundy was out of this world!!!! WOW



The opportunity to photograph Buena Vista Social Club arose, and well, this happened. Let me tell you, dancing and shooting is a difficult feat, so I danced on the inside.














The mission here was to highlight women horn players in jazz. They are not always in the fore, but I swear, Janice can find them anywhere.  We were waitiing to photograph Claire Daly (our main reason for traveling to Monterey) and Janice discovered Hanne playing with this incredible high-school jazz ensemble. She inspired color.

















Claire Daly is simply divine. For one thing, she blows a baritone sax. If you’ve never heard this instrument, you need to. Now. Her CD is a dedication the none other than Thelonious Monk; it’s called Baritone Monk. Just…wow. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Monk Institute to further jazz education!!!














And Janice, well, the woman does it all. She is a magnificent, prolific journalist, professor, documentarian, and oh, let’s just add videographer to the mix. She’s a badass to the nth degree.


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I need your votes!!

I’ve entered a few images into the See.Me/One Life competition and I would love your support!

You can lend your vote here: http://saritphoto.see.me/onelife2013

I am working hard to get the LoveMore movement off the ground. The portrait project is in the works and a line of T’s and hoodies is coming soon. My heart is deeply invested in this project. It is my goal to lift others up through the practices of generosity and compassion. The LoveMore movement is all about folks who wear their hearts on their sleeves, whose work is to go into the shadows and shed some light. The foundation of LoveMore is about walking with our arms out instead of recoiling. I do need some financial support in this endeavor, and a photo competition seemed a fairly innocuous place to start. I do hope you will vote!

All my love and gratitude.


Branding: It’s About Time!

I have to finally share my excitement and deepest gratitude: I have finally branded myself and it really wouldn’t have happened without the graphic design genius of Drew Fansler. He not only understood what I wanted, he made it even better than I could have hoped for. In case you don’t know who he is, he is also the one who designed the covers for 21st Century Yoga and Yoga PhD.

So, do I think a photographer actually needs a brand? I used to think it didn’t really matter, but the way I worked seemed to defy my own commentary. I always made sure things had a sense of similarity and feeling. In a lot of ways, it makes my life easier to have a good brand replete with a  well-designed logo. Now Sarit Photography has a through line, and that’s ideal.

I’m in love with this logo: it’s strong, feminine and edgy, kind of like me. My description for Drew when he asked me what I wanted was loosely this: “Think, red lipstick and steel toe boots.” Drew nailed it.