LoveMore Movement

teamlovemoreThe LoveMore movement is a call to action. We ask for more love all the time, an act that is, in and of itself, one of consumption. What the LoveMore Movement is asking is for you to love with intent, love with courage, love with an open heart, love even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable, love those who are in the shadows and those who are in the light. Love is action. Love is a verb. To love is an act of generosity of the mind, body and spirit. Do you have the courage to walk with an open heart and to LoveMore? If so, message me and join the movement!

Part of this project also includes a personal mission to photographically capture those who LoveMore. I will be making a book out of this, with images and your answers to the question “How do you Love More?” If you are interested in being included in this piece of the LoveMore puzzle, please let me know.

The next step to this will be a Kickstarter or Indigogo campaign to help fund the book. Then we can shop it around to publishers.

Next, we will build a digital and grassroots platform for individuals and organizations desirous about speaking and spreading the word about the LoveMore Movement and who are tirelessly working to LoveMore in their day-to-day lives.

Get involved! Hashtag #LoveMore and #LoveMoreMovement and share your #loveinaction on Instagram and Twitter! This isn’t about me; It’s about  you!

Stay tuned! More will be revealed.

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