Day 14: Bust a Gut

Tell jokes, laugh at your own foibles and try to enjoy every moment. The kid in you appreciates it.

Bust a Gut on 365 Project

This young man never fails to make me laugh. Ever. He’s in my son’s taekwondo class and watching him crack himself up tonight reminded me of how joyful childhood is and how far we veer from that silliness when we grow up. So, I dedicate this image to the grownups who need laughter the most. Go on, Bust a Gut!

Love and shutter clicks,


Day 11 and 12: My 365 Project

Day 11: Inspired by the view from the new One Down Dog  space.

Room with a View on 365 Project

Day 12: Inspired by the lights in a tunnel, reminding of of the natural pauses we need to take, no matter how fast we are moving.
pause on 365 Project

What will tomorrow bring?

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Check out My 365 Project

After being inspired by Jenn Grosso‘s 365 Project from 2013, I decided that it would be an interesting project for me to do in 2014. As a photographer, I don’t actually shoot every single day. And everything I shoot isn’t always up to my standards of what should be posted, shared, etc. I am a die-hard perfectionist. But who in this industry isn’t? So, what if I shoot without my innate attachment to perfection? For me, that means using whatever medium I have handy: my iphone, my point and shoot, or my big mama camera. Equipment doesn’t make a photographer, your eye does. I am currently on Day 11. I have literally shot every day, come hell or high water. One night, it was at the dog park with my iPhone, one day it was during the crow’s bath time. I feel more inspired, more creative, and more at ease with what I do. And we are only at the beginning. However, 365 days of images is a huge challenge, and one I fear I may forget to do from time to time. It is why I’m letting go of perfection, why I am not ONLY shooting with the big camera, why I am being easy on myself and letting whatever happens to happen. I might even really get my crap together and post the images on the blog every day. What?!

You can follow my progress here.

Bird on a Wire on 365 Project

Adios 2013, It’s Been Incredible

untitled shoot-2555

2013 is coming to a close and wow has it been a remarkable year. It started off with a bang when Carol Horton interviewed me about my work and what inspires me. I had photographed two book covers (21st Century Yoga and Yoga PhD) with Carol and this interview stemmed from that. So much has transpired: the LoveMore Movement is finally a reality and not just some crazy idea in my head. I went to the Monterey Jazz Festival with Janice Littlejohn of …But Can She Play? this year and had an amazing time photographing Claire Daly and some current Grammy nominees, while also discovering some incredible talent. My love for Latin jazz is very alive and real. And my absolute love and respect for women musicians is fully charged. I photographed many a portrait for LoveMore, including Vinny Ferraro, Danny Fisher, Melanie Klein, and Jessica Rosen.  My list of people to photograph in 2014 is getting longer and more inspiring that I could have imagined.

One of my favorite shoots from 2013 was with Julian Walker. It was the epitome of an LA adventure involving a walk in search of appropriate graffiti, dodging a bit of traffic, and it culminated in a jam session. My adventures went on and on this year. I pretended to be a tourist so I could photograph the remarkable Jennifer O’Connell; I went to El Matador Beach to photograph an inspiring yogi named Erica; I photographed the awe-inspiring LoveMore badass Crystal J. Torres which included burning money and sitting on the edge of  a Los Angeles rooftop. I went on a super top secret adventure with my dear friend and LoveMore mama Melanie Klein and captured one of my most alive shots; I’m telling you, I realized how much of an adventurer I really am. When I offer a photo adventure, I mean it. I am not afraid to get dirty to get a shot.

Another highlight of 2013 was when Kate Bartolotta featured me as her Artist of the Week at Be You Media Group. I was sincerely honored by Kate’s request and I intend to make it out her way sooner than later to photograph her for LoveMore! Kate is a prolific, inspiring writer. She is honest, full of heart, and an someone I admire. What a blessing.

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I’ve also had some downfalls this year, as I’ve struggled with migraines and tried damn near everything to make them go away. They are better, or my attitude toward them is better anyway.  The experience has provided me with the opportunity to be more contemplative and even to slow down. One of the things I did this year was complete my yoga teacher training with Hala Khouri and Julian Walker. I still have things to tie up before I get my official certificate, but it was one of the most transformative, healing experiences I’ve ever embarked on. I also finally did a Street Yoga teacher training, furthering my desire to help those who suffer. Feeling into, learning, and sharing these heart practices have helped me heal my own heart, expand my creativity, and soften.

So, what do I want for 2014? I want to write.  I want to travel. I want to come to YOU, to your town, to your sangha, to your yoga studio, to your mountains, rivers, creeks, and graffiti-strewn towns. I want to go on mini adventures and I want to celebrate those who celebrate me and my work and the LoveMore Movement. I want to encourage women and men to love their bodies…just as they are, to celebrate their strength, no matter their shape. I want to break the over-photoshopped beauty standard and get back to the time where what you photograph is what you see in the end. Yep, that means a big butt might stay a big butt, or skinny arms might stay skinny arms. We are amazing, all of us, just as we are. I plan on making 2014 a year of exploration, healing, adventure, and love. Always love, because without that, we are bereft of heart

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I Notice When you Love More

The LoveMore Movement finally has its own space. You can follow the blog at In addition, you can also sign up for the newsletter which will cover Sarit Photo and LoveMore news:

Love and Shutter Clicks,

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LoveMore Movement

Time and time again, we hear the phrase “We need more love.” We do. It’s true. But the more I hear it and the more I engage with the world, the more I realize that that phrase is merely one of consumption. It implies that if we have more of it, things will be better. And while having more love will definitely improve the quality of your life, it won’t fix it. It occurred to me that what just might nurture some repair is if we as individuals or groups of people flipped that phrase and Loved More.

With that in mind, I began to look at the world a lot differently. I noticed the cashier in the store who smiled at everyone, regardless of whether or not they smiled back. I noticed the finance guy who was selling me my car get inspired by my Love More tattoos —…

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Treats from Monterey!

This should ahve been posted a month ago, but you know, life happens.Needless to say, the Monterey Jazz Festival was a blast. Hanging out with Janice Littlejohn of …but can she play? was inspiring, creative, and full of adventure.

So, to best share what happened at Monterey Jazz Festival shall be told in in photographs. THere are many more, this is just a sampling. To see more of what I photographed, they are on my website and on my flickr stream.

First there was Roberto Fonseca, who literally blew my mind. I don’t think I have ever been brought to tears from shooting an image.


Then there was the Berklee Global Jazz Ensemble featuring Joe Lovano.


Carmen Lundy was out of this world!!!! WOW



The opportunity to photograph Buena Vista Social Club arose, and well, this happened. Let me tell you, dancing and shooting is a difficult feat, so I danced on the inside.














The mission here was to highlight women horn players in jazz. They are not always in the fore, but I swear, Janice can find them anywhere.  We were waitiing to photograph Claire Daly (our main reason for traveling to Monterey) and Janice discovered Hanne playing with this incredible high-school jazz ensemble. She inspired color.

















Claire Daly is simply divine. For one thing, she blows a baritone sax. If you’ve never heard this instrument, you need to. Now. Her CD is a dedication the none other than Thelonious Monk; it’s called Baritone Monk. Just…wow. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Monk Institute to further jazz education!!!














And Janice, well, the woman does it all. She is a magnificent, prolific journalist, professor, documentarian, and oh, let’s just add videographer to the mix. She’s a badass to the nth degree.


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Are you Down?

When I met Jessica Rosen of One Down Dog I found her to be one of the most engaging, compassionate, generous people who has ever crossed my path. We have become fast friends and partners in many a creative endeavor. She teaches yoga to the kids at Visions Adolescent Treatment Center, where I hold the position of New Media Manager. She gives back to her community in a way that is truly genuine and from the heart. She is also a huge part of the LoveMore Movement. Today, Jessica launched an Indiegogo campaign to finally get into her own space, so she can expand this beautiful dream of hers.  She has the location, it just needs some love!

Check out the video!

Here’s how you can help:

Donate to their INDIEGOGO campaign! Every penny counts toward creating this dream.  This isn’t just a yoga studio, it’s going to be a space of inclusion, learning, love, and compassion.

Tell your friends to contribute. Use your social media skills like mad!

  • like ODD on facebook
  • post the campaign image on instagram and tag it with #onedowndog, #makeawesomehappen. MAKE IT TREND!
  • tweet something hilarious and/or heartfelt (bonus points for doing both in 140 characters or less).
  • Hit up their YouTube channel and like the video, maybe even leave a comment if you feel so inclined, and stay tuned for more videos along the way.


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I need your votes!!

I’ve entered a few images into the See.Me/One Life competition and I would love your support!

You can lend your vote here:

I am working hard to get the LoveMore movement off the ground. The portrait project is in the works and a line of T’s and hoodies is coming soon. My heart is deeply invested in this project. It is my goal to lift others up through the practices of generosity and compassion. The LoveMore movement is all about folks who wear their hearts on their sleeves, whose work is to go into the shadows and shed some light. The foundation of LoveMore is about walking with our arms out instead of recoiling. I do need some financial support in this endeavor, and a photo competition seemed a fairly innocuous place to start. I do hope you will vote!

All my love and gratitude.


Branding: It’s About Time!

I have to finally share my excitement and deepest gratitude: I have finally branded myself and it really wouldn’t have happened without the graphic design genius of Drew Fansler. He not only understood what I wanted, he made it even better than I could have hoped for. In case you don’t know who he is, he is also the one who designed the covers for 21st Century Yoga and Yoga PhD.

So, do I think a photographer actually needs a brand? I used to think it didn’t really matter, but the way I worked seemed to defy my own commentary. I always made sure things had a sense of similarity and feeling. In a lot of ways, it makes my life easier to have a good brand replete with a  well-designed logo. Now Sarit Photography has a through line, and that’s ideal.

I’m in love with this logo: it’s strong, feminine and edgy, kind of like me. My description for Drew when he asked me what I wanted was loosely this: “Think, red lipstick and steel toe boots.” Drew nailed it.