Day 14: Bust a Gut

Tell jokes, laugh at your own foibles and try to enjoy every moment. The kid in you appreciates it.

Bust a Gut on 365 Project

This young man never fails to make me laugh. Ever. He’s in my son’s taekwondo class and watching him crack himself up tonight reminded me of how joyful childhood is and how far we veer from that silliness when we grow up. So, I dedicate this image to the grownups who need laughter the most. Go on, Bust a Gut!

Love and shutter clicks,


The Lady Can Play

Inspired by the late great Valaida Snow, Crystal J. Torres embodies everything there is about jazz, glamour, strength, and beauty. Look for more images soon! This is just one of my personal favorites from our recent shoot at Union Station. CJT-132

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