Someone is Behind: 365 Project days 32-35

I better get my bum in gear! I have fallen behind and think I even uploaded two I shot in the same day. Oh well, no one is perfect.

Here you go, 4 days, 4 images.

“Demon Kitty”

I love this cat to the moon and back, but his wild side has demonic qualities. God forbid he runs out of food… if that happens, wear armor.

Demon Kitty on 365 Project

“Sacred Heart; Sacred Light”

Sometimes our hearts are broken apart, and sometimes they are broken open, but with each crack, each crumble, comes an opportunity for transformation.

Sacred Heart; Sacred Light on 365 Project


So much for getting a lamb shake.

Irony on 365 Project


Prepping for the next test: this time, my shorty is going for brown belt! Bam!!

Hay-Yah on 365 Project



Love and shutter clicks,