Are you Down?

When I met Jessica Rosen of One Down Dog I found her to be one of the most engaging, compassionate, generous people who has ever crossed my path. We have become fast friends and partners in many a creative endeavor. She teaches yoga to the kids at Visions Adolescent Treatment Center, where I hold the position of New Media Manager. She gives back to her community in a way that is truly genuine and from the heart. She is also a huge part of the LoveMore Movement. Today, Jessica launched an Indiegogo campaign to finally get into her own space, so she can expand this beautiful dream of hers.  She has the location, it just needs some love!

Check out the video!

Here’s how you can help:

Donate to their INDIEGOGO campaign! Every penny counts toward creating this dream.  This isn’t just a yoga studio, it’s going to be a space of inclusion, learning, love, and compassion.

Tell your friends to contribute. Use your social media skills like mad!

  • like ODD on facebook
  • post the campaign image on instagram and tag it with #onedowndog, #makeawesomehappen. MAKE IT TREND!
  • tweet something hilarious and/or heartfelt (bonus points for doing both in 140 characters or less).
  • Hit up their YouTube channel and like the video, maybe even leave a comment if you feel so inclined, and stay tuned for more videos along the way.


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