Who Forgets They Have a Blog?

Yep, that would be me. Fortunately, I haven’t forgotten to create a wider body of work. Phew.

Some of my latest work has been in the city of Echo Park for One Down Dog. We always shoot fun stuff, and this was no different. We got in trouble for using biodegradable confetti (yes, I know), reminded that it’s always sunny in Los Angeles (except when it’s not), and experienced running from location to location, kind of like a yogi scavenger hunt. Hey….


Megan Feinberg and Bobbi Erwin — One Down Dog


Molly O’Neill – One Down Dog


Caitlin – One Down Dog

Yoga International is currently sharing Series Three of the This is #whatayogilookslike series from Yoga and Body Image Coalition. We have shot through series 6. Let me tell you, sitting on these images is killing me. I feel like I’ve been planning a surprise party for the last year. Series One and Two are off the hook though; I have never been more proud of a body of work.


YBIC Series 1


YBIC Series 2

Hopefully you’ll see more of me in the wild world of blogging. Why not, eh?


To book, email: hello@saritphotography.com


Love and shutter clicks,


My LoveMore Movement Adventure

This lady is going on a wild adventure to Vermont via New York to photograph some downright

Melanie Klein

Melanie Klein

inspiring individuals for the LoveMore book. Despite all of the excitement around creating t-shirts and getting the LoveMore Movement site off the ground, the portraits for the book have been ongoing. I have had the opportunity to photograph some incredible people do far and when I finally sat down to inventory my list, I realized that I am almost done. At least with the photographic portion of this venture. In all, I will have around 30 people featured, maybe more if my count is off.

Next week, I pack my gear, a ton of tees, an open heart and hit the road. First stop is New York, to finally meet my dear friend and LoveMore Ambassador Kendra Sebelius, founder of Voice in Recovery and Embrace Self Love! I am excited to finally be able to give her a real hug! I’m also looking forward to photographing her and  hopping into my crappy rental (I went cheap, as is the necessity of a self-funded project!) and head out to the Wanderlust Festival in Stratton, Vermont. Two things, I’ve never been to Vermont (at least not that I can remember — there was a lot of traveling in my early childhood), and I’ve not been to New York since I was a kid. I may get lost and not come back west. Just kidding, I have my husband and son here and I really don’t ever want to go far without them.


Vermont presents a whirlwind of inspiration — I have had the honor of meeting so many people online but this entire trip is about making real-time connections and spreading my wings. I am photographing the always inspiring Kate Bartolotta,  Jenn, and Chris Grosso. Seriously, this book is a dream come true for me. In the midst of my photographic geek-out, I look forward to diving in to the yoga cornucopia of Wanderlust Stratton. I’m sure it will be amazing. . I want to drink in the smells of Vermont and the energy of my fellow yogis. There is no doubt that my soul will be fed.

As always, my camera will be with me not as a weapon of mass perfection, but as a dynamic bridge between me and the people I photograph. This isn’t about stealing images or making someone something they are not, this is about honoring people just the way they are. Perfect in their imperfections.

If you’ll be in Stratton, and you want to squeeze in a mini shoot with me, I’m making myself available on Friday, 6/19. Email hello@saritphotography.com and put Stratton in the subject.

Be well!

Love and shutter clicks,



Indiegogo or Bust!

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 10.32.34 AMLoves!

The Indiegogo campaign has 13 days left and there are still some pretty fabulous perks available. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, and you are interested in shooting with me, there’s a perk for that too! It’s guaranteed to be a morning, afternoon, or evening of deep collaboration, silliness, and fun. There are locations galore here that will fit your fancy. My work focuses on musicians, fine art portraiture, and in the last year, yogis. As I walk this path, collaborating and creating in this wild world of art, I hope that you will join me.

Pass this on to your friends and colleagues. Perhaps they are interested in a photo shoot, a book or a print? Or maybe they know someone who is?

Love and shutter clicks,



Sarit Photography Stretches Out

Front cover image: 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice
© Sarit Rogers / sarit photography 2012

I know haven’t posted in what seems like a month of Sundays, but it’s not because there hasn’t been anything going on. If anything, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to write. At least not when it comes to writing for myself.

My last entry honored my grandfather. A man whom I discovered I knew very little about. Turns out he also held the patent for the Ion engine. It’s all starting to make sense now: my penchant for nerdy things, electronics, and tech. Anyway, I digress. After his passing, I took a break from shooting and focused on nursing myself through the processes of grief–I had to honor the fact that processing grief isn’t always the time for creative endeavors.

A month or so ago, I got a call from my friend Melanie Klein asking me if I was interested in shooting the book cover for 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics, and Practice, in which she was a contributor. That call from Melanie snapped me out of my fog and stoked my creative flame. It was exactly what I needed: a kick in the ass to work outside of the confines of my norm and dip my toes back in the pool of conceptual photography. Better yet, I was going to be photographing yogis: a population I already feel connected to. I found myself in a fantastic position: I was bringing some feminine energy into a field where most of the photographers are male. That initial flame of creativity became a roaring bonfire, with me producing a small series of yoga images in a short period of time. It was something I was honored to photograph while feeling naturally connected to my subjects and environments. I was finally back on track.

I photographed my friends Keri-Anne Telford, a yoga teacher at Exhale and burgeoning trapeze artist, and her husband, Joe O’Neill, who’s an incredible visual artist. I was honored that two of my images were chosen to grace the front and back covers of 21 CY, highlighting a new breed of yogis: unique and outside of the Yoga Journal box of perceived perfection. Now, that’s my kind of yoga imagery!

Back cover image: 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics, and Practice
© Sarit Rogers / sarit photography 2012

21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics, and Practice is finally ready for you all to dive into! You can purchase it here or here. The book’s contributors are broad and thought-provoking and include Roseanne Harvey, Carol Horton, Tommy Rosen, Be Scofield, Melanie Klein, Frank Jude Boccio, Angela Jamison, Chelsea Roff, Matthew Remski, Michael Stone, Nathan Thompson, and Julian Walker. Needless to say, the content and contributors are mind-bending, proving yoga is so much more than a pretty pose. Get read to sink your teeth into something truly thought-provoking.

That said, there’s more new imagery to come, in the meantime, I’ve updated my website and given it an entirely new look and feel! Check it out.

Love and shutter clicks,


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Chasing Openhearted Dusty Dreams

My goal of a blog of week was short-lived, but not because of anything other than the simple fact that this funny thing called life keeps happening.

Today, however, I want to honor my grandfather. Sure, he was a bit of a cranky man, but he was also the nucleus of my familial leanings toward photography. He was a WWII war veteran, but his time wasn’t spent fighting. Rather, it was spent documenting his surroundings (Burma and India) with his Graflex, and processing his film in an army tent. That’s pretty badass, if you ask me.

It wasn’t until my 30s that I developed a close relationship with my grandfather, and the focus was always on film, photography, and printing and processing. When I decided to go to school for photography, his interest piqued. Photography became the common ground we could stand upon and the place where the sordid waters of our past became placid. Talking film lit a spark in his eye that I had never seen. It brought him back to a time where he could capture things from a perspective that was purely his own. As it turned out, my number one critic became my head cheerleader. In some funny way, I was living out his dream. Who knew? Not me, that’s for sure.

In the last couple of years, in the shadow of my beloved grandmother’s passing, my grandfather’s passion for film faded and his crankiness began to resurface. Still, I am grateful for the time I had to talk with him and reminisce about a love we both shared. I am grateful that my heart was open enough to allow that in, because truth be told, that is where the healing and letting go began.

It’s time to chase the dream again and honor a man who’s enthusiasm for photography began in an old, dusty army tent. Sweet travels, Saba Bob, may you rest with your lady love.

Love and shutter clicks,


It’s Almost 2012: Do Epic Shit

It’s not too late to post one more piece, damn it! This year has been insanely interesting. My photography has taken quite a spin: pinup, events, portraits, social movements, you name it. I’m looking forward to 2012.  My intentions this coming year are this:

  • More art; Less Bullshit.
  • Laugh more
  • Finish updating my new site!!!

I got into this mess to create art and use my camera as a visual voice. My focus on the conceptual has been nil, despite the fact that’s what drives me. I want to sing to the world in 2-dimensioanal flurries; I want to include you, dear reader, because those flurries are nothing without the inspiration and support of those around me.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting my madness throughout the years. Have a blessed and hilarious 2012.

With love and shutter clicks,


Well, it’s about time, eh?

Whoo! New logo: Check. New site launched: Check. Facebook Fan page: Check. Can I breathe yet?

I have been talking about revamping Sarit Photography for, oh, I don’t know, 3 years. I put it on the back-burner for at least 2 of those years, and then dilly-dallied for the last one. Through the encouragement of some pretty darn amazing people (you know who you are), I got finally got my bum in gear and got to shooting and redoing. Voila, here we are. I’m pretty proud, if I don’t say so myself.

So, here’s the update on Sarit Photography:

  • I am sharing a space downtown with Michelle at Lucy B Lingerie. We’re offering Pinup Packages in that fun, 40s-50s style I love so much. I’m hoping to get some more props to funk things up a bit, and maybe even arrange some outdoor shoots with hotrods and the like. Interested in being a pinup? Email me! Have a hotrod you want to lend to my cause? Email me!
  • I am still working on my body-image project and will be building the “wall of images” soon. I finally have my concept in line, so it’s just a matter of putting it together. I can’t wait for that to get off the ground. Time to stop stalling! If you are interested in being a part of that, please email me for info. I’d like to start shooting in April if possible so I can start showing the work by the end of Summer. The intention behind this is go into book form, the proceeds of which will benefit RAINN and V-Day.
  • One of my favorite and most recent shoots was of Maria Luisa in her 7th month of pregnancy. What an amazing experience THAT was.

In the meantime, please check out the site, “like” the page on Facebook, and even follow me on Twitter. I’m taking over the world, one click at at time!

Love and shutter clicks,

Now That’s One Sexy Librarian!

It’s been a slow road, trying to get things off the ground. Life keeps happening, things come up, and sadly, my dreams sometimes get set aside. I don’t want to call it a “new year’s resolution” because in my experience, that’s just a set up for me. Instead, I will share with you my intentions for this coming year in relation to my art. In January, things are supposed to kick off in terms of Lucy B and our pinup packages. In the meantime, my work is up on the site and I’m stinkin’ pleased as punch!  I recently started a tumblr account as a social media experiment in the world of photoblogging. It’s been interesting, and like this blog, I haven’t been able to dedicate a solid amount of time to it. I am working on updating my website, and as of now, there are slight changes, but no new work just yet. That is soon coming, I promise.

With the Bridget Blonde shoot edited and up for the world to see, I went on to my next pinup concept, which was to photograph a “sexy librarian.” Oh, my, did we have fun! We reconnoitered the house, using my various 50s collectibles (I knew I was collecting this stuff for SOMETHING!) to create two desk scenes, a file-cabinet scenario, and a bookshelf background. I photographed my friend Nichole, who was absolutely perfect in every way. She had nary a pretentious, diva-esque bone in her body. She wasn’t fake, processed, plumped, or suctioned: she was a 100% real, gorgeous, bad-ass woman. It was a pleasure and an honor to photograph her. This shoot inspired me on many levels. So, without further ado, here’s a teaser. I hope y’all think it’s as awesome as I do!

With Love and Shutter Clicks,


Bridget Blonde

Bridget Blonde I had the opportunity to photograph local pinup legend Bridget Blonde for Lucy B Lingerie. We’re showcasing the wonderful new vintage-styled swimsuits Michelle crafted, a new lingerie line, and the beautiful hair accessories she’s created.  As I am finally sitting down to work on and edit the shoot, I’d thought I’d give a little preview of what’s to come.  We had a great deal of fun on that shoot and I am looking forward to what’s in store.

Makeup and hair were done by the lovely Missy Lowe. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Hair accessories and bathing suit were, of course, Lucy B.



Opera Stills: American Tragedy

Tonight should prove to be an interesting adventure. I am off to shoot stills for Santa Monica College’s production of American Tragedy, an opera by Tobias Picker. Aside from having some friends either in the production itself, or involved with its evolution, I am rather excited to come play with light. I’ve shot bands in clubs, and musicians being fabulous, but I have yet to shoot an opera in its glory.

The curtain goes up Saturday, May 8 at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.