“Oh, the Times, They Are A-Changing!”

Lovely friends and fans:

There are couple things going on. First, thank you to everyone who’s “liked” my Fan Page. Of course, If you haven’t yet, please give it a look and a “like” if you’re inclined. You can also follow me on Twitter. 🙂

Second, I’ve been talking and talking about my body image project for some time. It’s time to get that rolling. I will be putting together my set and then contacting those who have volunteered to be a part of this so I can start shooting. I intend to fire up my lights come June. Maybe sooner if I play my cards right. If you aren’t aware of this project, it is my effort to bring attention to the limited views we have on beauty. I intend to do so by bringing attention to the varied and wonderful sides of women who are simply tired of having to face the unattainable requirements of the beauty industry. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please Email Me. with “body image project” in the subject line.

Ironically, the next piece of info is regarding my pinup stuff (note, I retain my body-image advocacy here as well!).  If anyone is desirous of modeling pinup and would like to purchase a shoot, please Email Me with your ideas and questions. I will be posting package information soon. Keep your eyes peeled.  Note, packages will no longer be offered through Lucy B.

Your pinup options are limitless, whether you’re interested in simple backdrops or a location shoot, I’m game. I will work with you directly to ensure you have an amazing experience whilst getting fancied up pinup style! To add to the fabulousness, Missy Lowe will be doing her magic with makeup and hair.

There are wonderful things in store and I look forward to playing in the light!

With love and shutter clicks,


Take That, Fitness World!

That’s what my lovely model said, anyway!

Mishel is an incredible force of nature, embodying true beauty and strength. I absolutely adore her determination: deciding to be a fitness/figure model and going for it…in her 40s! Now, after years of pushing herself in a world of dieting and body-image madness, she came looking for a feminine, empowering pinup experience. I feel fortunate that I was able to provide her with such an experience. Nothing like a bunch of strong women working together to gain freedom from objectification and embracing femininity their way.

Here’s a sneak preview. As you can see, we encapsulated a broad spectrum of mood, going from light to dark. Truth is, women are multi-faceted. So, why not celebrate it all!?

(MUAH: Missy Lowe , Lingerie: Lucy B)

With love and shutter clicks,


Now That’s One Sexy Librarian!

It’s been a slow road, trying to get things off the ground. Life keeps happening, things come up, and sadly, my dreams sometimes get set aside. I don’t want to call it a “new year’s resolution” because in my experience, that’s just a set up for me. Instead, I will share with you my intentions for this coming year in relation to my art. In January, things are supposed to kick off in terms of Lucy B and our pinup packages. In the meantime, my work is up on the site and I’m stinkin’ pleased as punch!  I recently started a tumblr account as a social media experiment in the world of photoblogging. It’s been interesting, and like this blog, I haven’t been able to dedicate a solid amount of time to it. I am working on updating my website, and as of now, there are slight changes, but no new work just yet. That is soon coming, I promise.

With the Bridget Blonde shoot edited and up for the world to see, I went on to my next pinup concept, which was to photograph a “sexy librarian.” Oh, my, did we have fun! We reconnoitered the house, using my various 50s collectibles (I knew I was collecting this stuff for SOMETHING!) to create two desk scenes, a file-cabinet scenario, and a bookshelf background. I photographed my friend Nichole, who was absolutely perfect in every way. She had nary a pretentious, diva-esque bone in her body. She wasn’t fake, processed, plumped, or suctioned: she was a 100% real, gorgeous, bad-ass woman. It was a pleasure and an honor to photograph her. This shoot inspired me on many levels. So, without further ado, here’s a teaser. I hope y’all think it’s as awesome as I do!

With Love and Shutter Clicks,


Bridget Blonde

Bridget Blonde I had the opportunity to photograph local pinup legend Bridget Blonde for Lucy B Lingerie. We’re showcasing the wonderful new vintage-styled swimsuits Michelle crafted, a new lingerie line, and the beautiful hair accessories she’s created.  As I am finally sitting down to work on and edit the shoot, I’d thought I’d give a little preview of what’s to come.  We had a great deal of fun on that shoot and I am looking forward to what’s in store.

Makeup and hair were done by the lovely Missy Lowe. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Hair accessories and bathing suit were, of course, Lucy B.